Saturday, June 19, 2010

Isaiah Thomas Schubert, 8 July 2005 - 19 June 2010

A piece of my heart shattered this morning when my beloved dog, Isaiah, dashed across Kessler Boulevard and was struck by a car. He died on the way to the animal hospital.
With a larger-than-life presence, Isaiah lit up my world with his joy and energy. He lived each moment with eagerness and openness. He enjoyed running on the towpath; romping with his cousins and friends; praying for a Greenie; getting loved on by church people; snuggling with his best bud, Claude; and trash-talking his “Mama” Holly. He would do anything for peanut butter, bread, rawhide bones, and carrots, never recognizing when he reached his limit. 
Isaiah was the life of any party and always strove to be the center of attention. Many times we had to remind him that it was not all about him, especially as he chased squirrels and peed on hostas. He spent many family gatherings and friends’ parties tethered to a leash because he could not control his excitement. 
That excitement was accompanied by an ornery gleam in his eye.  You’ve heard before about his antics, which included swallowing rat poison, chewing rugs, tearing screens, peeing on laundry, decimating eight leashes, ruining electrical cords, pouncing on doors, and receiving months of behavior therapy.  
For as much as Isaiah was hard-headed, he was loving, especially to young children and older adults. For as much as he frustrated me, he provided a listening ear, a comforting nudge, and a reassuring presence that I will treasure for the rest of my days. 
I’ve cried more today than I can remember in a long time. I’ve also been more thankful than ever that when God fashioned creation, God saw to it to put these crazy creatures called dogs in our lives to love us, to stretch us, to care for us, and sometimes even to break our hearts. 


  1. Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry. Isaiah was a special dog indeed. Thank you for writing about him today. Treasure those special memories. God bless you, Susan

  2. I remember all the life and energy that dog embodied. I know you will miss him. I am so sorry about the accident. Julie Berry

  3. A friend of mine says that after God made humans and realized the mistake, God made dogs. So sorry for your loss of such a wonderful companion and so happy that Obadiah is now in a new home with you!