Thursday, May 23, 2013

Praying for Princeton

“Only the wounded healer can truly heal.” -- Irvin D. Yalom

Compassionate God, descend upon your people of Princeton in our grief. Our hearts break for the woman gunned down outside of Los Aztecas. We mourn her tragic death, and we weep with her family and children. Remind us that nothing -- not even the worst acts of violence -- can separate us from the love of Jesus. Lord, have mercy. 

Prince of Peace, surround the alleged perpetrator and his family with a blanket of mercy. Their lives are also interconnected with ours, and we ask that a web of forgiveness may be woven, strand by strand, when the time is right. Lord, have mercy. 

God of Hope, guide us as the “Why?” of this situation overwhelms us. As we linger with the questions, show us your path of shalom. Remind us how you bore the violence of the world on Calvary so that we might become a new community of peace. Christ, have mercy. 

Risen Lord, reveal to us your scarred hands. Touch the violent places in our lives with your grace. In the midst of our scars, may we bind up the pain of our community. Grant us the wisdom to see that only the wounded healer can truly heal. Guide us on the path of hope. Lord, have mercy. Amen. 

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